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Language is powerful: words shape people and cultures. At a time where we are finally having public, long-overdue conversations about racism and sexism, we also want to address the role language has as a tool of oppression, and work towards unlearning complicit behaviours. By reshaping our vocabulary, we can restore the balance of power.

Bebey’ is an encouraging term we use in our own community, which evolved as a reaction against ‘baby’, a word often weaponized against women and used unsolicitedly. ‘Bebey’ looks beyond your physical appearance and emphasizes your sense of fulfillment, attitude, and lives—because that’s what matters. And that’s what makes you a bebey: because you understand this.

Most of the existing terminology used to describe a person is often at the expense of one’s gender. That needs to change, and it’s important to have both men and women held accountable for perpetuating this.

We need to value people as human beings and stop treating them as mere sexual objects. So instead of spending our energy justifying attitudes that are clearly degrading to others, we need an open attitude and willingness to educate ourselves. Foster respect. Let’s welcome change for the better.

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