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See You At One releases ‘Fragments’. Campaign shot by Zilhanz

This collection was conceived with the concept of picking up its works from over the years andm taking a reconstructive approach, both conceptually and in its craftsmanship. The incorporation of curves that connect different fabrics add an element of fluidity and cohesion to the designs. This collection pushes to balance between subtlety versus complexity, maintaining See You At One’s way of pushing boundaries in product design.

This collection aims to seamlessly integrate the various works we've done thus far, cultivating a cohesive aesthetic through the interplay of fabrics and patterns. Our focus lies in crafting pieces that effortlessly blend elements of workwear and sportswear, reflecting our personal journey. We deliberately curate a limited selection of 12 products, prioritising quality over quantity. Through the period, we envision our products seamlessly integrating into our daily life, becoming an extension of our body.

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